SARK100 HF Antenna Analyzer

SARK100 HF Antenna Analyzer “Here we take a look at the SARK100 Antenna Analyzer. Discontinued in KIT Form in 2011 but STILL available to purchase as a fully built product.” Specification: Frequency Generation & Control: 1 – 60 Mhz Source impedance: 50 Ohms Stability: +/-... Read more

Win4IcomSuite (version 1.422)

Win4IcomSuite There is a new release of Win4IcomSuite (version 1.422). This release adds support for the Scroll modes for the CI-V based panadapters as well as fixing some bugs with respect to the use of a WinKey. Win4IcomSuite supports the IC-7100, IC-7300, IC-7600, IC-7610, IC-7700,... Read more

ACOM 06AT is almost ready

ACOM 06AT antenna tuner & switch teaser Are you looking for a desktop antenna tuner and switch for your astonishing ACOM solid-state amplifier? Expect more info soon! Antenna RigExpert AA-54 – HF Antenna Analyzer (0.1 to 54 MHz) January 13, 2015 No comments   Antenna... Read more

Why Is This Dipole Tactical? Chameleon TD 2.0

While I was out at Dave Canterburry’s Gathering I tested the Chameleon Tactical Dipole 2.0 The CHA TD 2.0 is a broadband High Frequency (HF) antenna specially designed for short to long range portable and man-pack HF communication, where portability and rapid deployment are essential. The TD... Read more