Our Sun is About to Get Busy

“This week our Sun is getting primed for some real activity! Although space weather has been quiet this week, multiple new regions are rotating into Earth-view (at least four) and several of them are solar storm producers. We also have one region that has the... Read more

WSJT-X Version 2.5.1 has been Released

The WSJT-X development team has announced the general availability release of WSJT-X version 2.5.1. This release mainly contains improvements and repairs defects related to Q65 and JT65 when used with nonstandard and compound call signs. Those planning to use Q65 or JT65 to make weak-signal... Read more

Apartment Grounding Dilemma

Ilya, ER1TAW, inspired this video from his question that Dave has been asked many times. How should one ground when they live in an apartment complex? Antenna Baluns: What They Do And How They Do lt by W7EL February 16, 2015 No comments   “I’ve... Read more

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