Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 2413

Budget-Friendly 5-Element Quad Antenna Design, Budget-Friendly QRP T-Tuner and SWR Bridge, A Guide for Seamless FT8 Operation – Time Sync, Building a Robust PL519 Tube HF Amplifier, GMA Maps, Adapting Standard Headset Mic for Yaesu FT-8900, Portable Efficiency: Building a KX3 Go-Box, Read more

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 2412

Space-Efficient Excellence: Inverted L Multi-Band HF Antenna, WSJT-X Controller, Introduction to HF Packeteering in the Modern Age, Emergency ham radio frequencies, AI Projections for Ham Radio Modes in 2023-2025, Yaesu ATAS-120A Portable Tripod: Enhancing Efficiency, Mapping the Australian Radio Landscape, FT 1000MP MK V and... Read more

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 2410

Field-Tested VP2E Antenna, 3 Band Mono Loop Portable Quad, VHF Repeater with a Raspberry Pi, DIY Tree Antenna Launching: Cheap and Effective, OpenRTX, Wire on the Ground: Portable Radio Success with Grasswire Antenna, LoRa APRS Tracker or Igate on 433Mhz, IARU Region 2 BandPlan, Read more

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 2409

Mini Satellite-Antenna Rotator Mk1, Receiving NOAA Weather Satellite Images, Online LInked Dipole Designer, How to use AI to identify Radio signals , LoRa in Amateur Radio, Moxon Mania – Building the Ultimate 4-Band Moxon Antenna, Python Telegram bot for lookups Read more

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 2407

Durable 2-Meter Yagi Antenna: PVC and Window Line Construction, APRS LoRa Weather Station , The CW Flea: Modern Morse Transmitter with Arduino, TxTopper QRP Amplifier, Enhancing Performance with a Cage Dipole for Six Meter Band, AI-Powered Radio Signal Cleanup: Battling QRM in Real Time, Ham... Read more

Ham Radio Frequencies

Amateur radio enthusiasts utilize specific frequency bands allocated globally for communication. From Low Frequency (LF) to Very-High Frequencies (VHF), each band has distinct characteristics and propagation conditions. Frequency allocations vary by country and ITU region. Understanding band usage and regulations is crucial for effective communication... Read more

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 2404

Build an Arduino CW Decoder, Enhancing Icom IC-7300 RX Antenna, Understanding Impacts of 75-ohm Devices in 50-ohm Systems, A Compact and Stealthy Field Portable Antenna, Arduino QRP Transceiver: DIY Success on HF Bands, IC705 GoBox: A Portable Windows-Based Solution for All-Digital Modes, Enhancing Frontend Performance... Read more

Top Amateur Radio Websites – Issue 2402

Enhancing Performance with W8JK/MOXON Antenna Variant, 40m QRO End Fed Half Wave Antenna Coupler, 40 MHz 8m Band Amateur Radio Exploration, Unearthing VHF Contest Secrets: An In-Depth Analysis, QRP Balun: A DIY Project , 70Mhz (4 metre) Delta Loop Antenna, Yaesu VR-120 Memory Manager, Read more

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