10 GHz EME dish!

At our Open Day for our radio club, Richard VK7ZBX showed off his newly finished trailer mounted 10 GHz EME dish! Pretty impressive for sure and a work of engineering! Antenna Two element QUAD antenna Model RQ-26H October 31, 2015 No comments Antenna RQ-26H- preset... Read more

7Mhz 4elements Fullsize Yagi [ Video ]

7Mhz 4elements Fullsize Yagi – 50 meters H Antenna Overview of the Chameleon MPAS 2.0 [ 6M – 160M ] December 04, 2021 No comments Use the Ideal NOALOX 4 oz. Anti-Oxidant Compound to improve the efficiency of aluminum conductor connections. This compound provides additional inner-… Read... Read more

WiMo QRM Eliminator

QRM Eliminator, Two Antenna Signal Phasing Unit, with T/R Relay PTT control, Metal Enclosure, Status LED, 12V, 150 mA, Each The WiMo QRM Eliminator is a simple signal phasing device that can effectively reduce or remove noise interference for dramatically improved HF reception. The QRM... Read more

Managing the Pile-Up

Rule Number One of Pile-Ups: Stay in Control. Rule Number Two: Stations will use any means necessary to break the pile-up. Here are my tips to stay in control and manage rule number two. Antenna Yagi Antenna GXP-7 (7 elements 5 bands) December 30, 2014... Read more

Loops and Wires

Ron, WD8SBB, has a couple questions concrning different antenna set ups and uses. Lets see what happens… Antenna Antenna Design and Measurement Software June 22, 2020 No comments AnTune software assists in designing antennas and RF impedance networks. Their software runs on PC/Windows and can... Read more